Content writer and strategist Lindsay McEwen pours tea from a red teapot in a cafe.

Hey, stranger!

Lindsay here—Toronto-based writer, editor, and storyteller. And honestly, I’ve got a problem with the way content marketing is sometimes done.

 Lifeless blog posts stuffed to the gills with keywords? Ugh.

Cut-and-paste Facebook ads telling me I, too, can make a gazillion dollars if I just sign up for some sales-pitch-disguised-as-a-free-webinar? No thanks. 

Jargon-riddled web copy that sounds like it was written by the vengeful ghost of a stuffy academic? The WORST.

Scammy emails and pushy sales pages that are so clearly about making a quick buck and not at all about contributing real value? Hard pass.

The internet is a full-on battle royale of voices clamouring for your attention, and it can all get to be a bit much sometimes.

Which is why it’s love at first sight when I come across a brand that actually walks the talk—no gimmicks, no corporate-speak, just something real to say and a human voice to say it.

Those are my kind of people and I’m willing to bet (since you’re here and all) that you just might be one of them.

I’m a firm believer in the power of empathy-centred strategy wrapped in a really good story.

My mission as a creator and curator of content is to inject some authenticity back into the marketing equation. I’m waging war on content for content’s sake, bad writing, sales-y bullshit, brand-consumer disconnect, and all the other stuff that can drag your business down into the black hole of online obscurity.

Your audience is human—I want to help you speak to them like one.

Ready to cut through the noise and start creating content that makes an impact?



(JK, no one asked about any of this 🤷)


☕ Despite the classic “creative fueled by coffee” trope, I’m much more of a tea gal (specifically, chai lattes and London fogs).

🐱 I love dogs (grew up with 3 of them) but have a special place in my heart for cats. They’re just so adorably loony!

🍰 I have a massive sweet tooth and love to bake (I’ve got this fantasy of someday opening a little cafe and filling it with delicious baked goodies and cozy couches).

✈ I’m a total travel addict and sometimes create itineraries for imaginary trips just for fun. I’ve been to 21 countries (including a 3-year stint in Seoul, South Korea) and have got my sights set on hitting 30 before 30!

💰 I’ve worked a variety of random jobs over the years, including: pet shop clerk, cake decorator, hydro company intern, home improvement store cashier, smoothie server, and ESL teacher.

📚 I’ve always been a bookworm (surprise, surprise) and am a fan of fantasy and sci-fi novels in particular. Got any good recs for me?