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That Girl Writes

Storytelling and marketing go together like chocolate and… well, everything.

Your story is the one thing you possess that is completely and utterly unique, and that makes it your greatest brand asset.

Consumers are savvy to the salesy jargon and hard-sell marketing styles of the past, and they’re tired of it. The world is plenty full of bullshit already—people don’t want any more.

Things that people DO want?






Notice a theme? Consumers are begging brands to cut through the corporate veneer and expose the pulse of humanity that beats underneath.

You don’t need to convince, bribe, or trick your audience into caring about your business. Your real audience—diehard fans who genuinely adore your brand—is out there. You just need to reach them.



With the magic equation of storytelling + content.





Itinerant storyteller. Oxford comma
fan. Tea addict. Master of non-dorky
photo poses (obviously ✌).

I inhale stories the way I do food or
air—constantly and with extreme
enthusiasm. Wanna learn more? 


The word ✨magic✨ might make it sound like I’m talking about some business-grade love potion that’ll have customers busting down the door to get at your goodies (oh la la!). But the reality is a lot simpler than that:

The human brain is a greedy little creature and its favourite thing to feast on is a good story.

We’ve been telling stories since the dawn of time and show no signs of stopping. Stories hold our attention like nothing else, which is why they’re the perfect medium for building awareness, nurturing interest, and moving that brand needle from pennies to profit.

And that’s why they’re so crucial to your business’ success. In a world where it’s all been done before, how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

You leverage the only thing that sets you apart from everybody else—your story.

My part in all this?

I help purpose-driven brands connect with their audience, inspire action, and flourish with the twin powers of EMPATHY and STORYTELLING.

Using your brand’s one-of-a-kind voice, perspective, and positioning, I craft content with a narrative edge that cuts right to the hearts and minds of your audience. The goal isn’t to manipulate but to spark genuine trust—to stay real, practice empathy, and grow your business without feeling slimy about it.

Got the passion but need help with the rest? 

I’m on it!

I live for wordy goodness and am addicted to that little neurological pop and fizz you get when a sentence comes together juuuuust right.

(Good news for you, as wordsmithing has been known to induce hair loss, teeth gnashing, and stress-fueled sugar binges. 😱)

Here are some things I can help you with:


Content Creation + Editing

Blog posts and copy and emails, oh my! I can whip you up something sparkly and fresh or polish those dusty old words of yours till they shine—your wish is my command. Let’s make some content magic!

Social Media Management

Hoping to conjure up some community engagement? Looking to bewitch followers with warm + witty social content? Allow me to handle the daily posting and social media strategizing while you work on your biz.

Editorial Calendars + Guides

Let me help you dispel that content overwhelm with a crystal-clear style guide and an expertly tailored editorial calendar. No more wondering what the future holds—you’ll have it planned!


  • Before I began working with Lindsay, I had been struggling with consistently putting together amazing and useful content to share by myself. Her personality and knowledge combined with the effort she made to reach out and get to know more about my business gave me confidence from the get-go, and as soon as we started our first project together, I knew I made the right call! I'm always impressed by how easily Lindsay is able to communicate my vision without sacrificing my personality and style. She's helped me with everything from blog posts to emails to strategy, and manages to strike the perfect balance between spunky creative and professional. She's easygoing, flexible, kind, and full of great ideas. I love how I can throw an idea out and she'll just run with it! We've done quite a few projects together now, and I really feel like Lindsay is part of the TravelBash team. Love love working with her!
    Courtnie NicholsCourtnie NicholsOwner, TravelBash
  • My writing skills are barely average, so trying to create content for my website has always been an uphill battle. I could never seem to get the thoughts in my head down on paper the way I wanted. After reading through Lindsay’s website, scoping out her social media, and talking with her over Messenger, I knew she would be a good fit for my business. What really sold me was the way Lindsay spoke about her work. She was kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate about storytelling—exactly what I was looking for. Lindsay went out of her way to see how she could best help me and the results truly blew me away. When I got the first draft back I was so giddy! Lindsay had taken the dull ramblings I’d already written and transformed them into an engaging story I couldn’t stop reading. The whole experience has been brilliant from start to finish and I can’t wait to collaborate on future projects!
    Kyle Van DeusenKyle Van DeusenOwner, OGAL Web Design
  • Lindsay’s a fantastic writer with a keen eye for editing and a talent for turning messy ideas into clever, creative content. She really puts her heart into her work and won’t rest until the job’s done perfectly. On top of whipping my film script into shape and writing the copy for my influencer outreach campaign, Lindsay also took on the challenge of managing one of my Instagram accounts—in just over a month, I’ve gained hundreds of new followers and nearly tripled my post engagement thanks to her hard work. Put simply, Lindsay is awesome to work with. Highly recommend!
    Hin FanHin FanFounder, Fin Watches
  • Lindsay was undoubtedly our strongest editor at Korvia. Not only did she edit the most pieces, but she constantly volunteered her extra time to help with B2B articles between Korvia and its partners. In fact, she was the only editor we trusted to handle such tasks, as it involved her being able to balance two different organization’s values and goals as well as make it presentable at a professional industry level. She never missed a deadline, and even when writers were sometimes behind on their completion dates, she still always made sure to get it edited and published on time. I will confidently say that we owe much of the success of the whole contributor program to her.
    Stephen HattersleyStephen HattersleyFormer Digital Marketing Manager, Korvia Consulting

If you want to learn more about what I do or have a project you think I’d be perfect for, let’s talk!

(Or just tell me your story—I’d love to hear it ❤)


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